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Last Stop Arizona

The Arizona Last Stop Restaurant and Bar is located on US 93 between Kingman, Arizona and Las Vegas.

They are at mile marker 27 and literally your 'last stop' for food, gas, and supplies as you head towards the Hoover Dam and Nevada.

Website: Arizona Last Stop

Temple Bar
Temple Bar is located in northwest Arizona, on Lake Mead which is the largest man-made lake and reservoir in the United States, and in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Temple Bar Road is an existing two-lane rural roadway that extends east of US Highway 93 and serves lands managed by ASLD, BLM and National Park Service. The road is primarily used to access Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Lake Mead was created by the completion of Hoover Dam in 1935. Lake Mead National Recreation Area includes these waters as well as 1.5 million acres surrounding them.

All About Temple Bar Resort Area
Temple Bar road to resort area
Willow Beach
Willow Beach Harbor is located on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. The turn off is just 14 Miles south of Hoover Dam and another 3.5 miles off Highway 93.

As the gateway to the Black Canyon, Willow Beach sees a lot of visitors who come here to launch their boats or to rent boats. The Colorado is very calm below the dam and the high canyon walls usually keep out any winds.

Willow Beach has a convenience store, a launch ramp, boat rentals and marine fueling facilities.Willow beach is a beautiful place to go fishing and bring your camera. Eexplore this historic area for a once in a lifetime photographic experience!

Willow Beach Information
Willow Beach Fishing Pier
Willow Beach Harbor
Willow Beach History - National Park Service
Highway Scenic View Overlooks
  Scenic View Overlooks of Willow Beach and the Colorado River
are located at Mile Post 13 when northbound, mile 12.5 southbound.
Willow Beach is a popular spot for fishing and boating. The high canyon walls block most of the desert winds and keeps the cool water smooth and glassy.
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