I-40 makes for a quick trip across the wide open spaces you encounter from Flagstaff to Holbrook. Think back to travel by wagon, then trains, and the early highways such as Route 66 and you will appreciate the conforts of your vehicle.
Flagstaff is a community rich with cultural diversity, beauty, and history as well as amazing educational, recreational and scientific opportunities. At 7,000 feet elevation, Flagstaff is considered a high altitude semi-desert location. Flagstaff known as the city of pines has four different seasons making it a perfect location for tourist attraction.

Flagstaff (called "Flag" by the locals) is the seat of Coconino County. An early explorer said of the Flagstaff region: "It has every attraction: health, scenery, sky, elevation, climate and proximity to the greatest natural curiosity on this continent ... the Grand Canyon." More about Flagstaff

Museum Club Roadhouse

Built in 1931, The World Famous Museum Club is Arizona's premiere roadhouse and dance club! Located at 3404 E. Route 66 in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Museum Club offers the best in Live Country Western music and entertainment.

Little America

Little America is truly a Flagstaff, Arizona vacation at its best.A 500-acre private forest resort, Little America exemplifies the adventurous spirit and hospitality of Northern Arizona.

Little America Hotel provides the perfect lodging. It's no wonder so many travelers view Little America as the perfect four-season escape. Snowbowl, Arizona's premier ski area is just 14 miles from the hotel.

Walnut Canyon National Monument
Walk in the footsteps of people who lived at Walnut Canyon more than 700 years ago. Peer into their homes, cliff dwellings built deep within canyon walls. The presence of water in a dry land made the canyon rare and valuable to its early human inhabitants. It remains valuable today as habitat for plants and animals. See for yourself on trails along the canyon rim and into the depths. Walnut Canyon National Monument
Winona never really prospered like so many other small towns and never incorporated. It gained its greatest notoriety by being mentioned in Bobby Troup's Get Your Kicks on Route 66 song.
Twin Arrows
A long lasting Route 66 icon, the Twin Arrows Trading Post is no longer in business. Its prominent red and yellow arrows are quickly deteriorating against the desert winds and the Arizona sun.

The Twin Arrows rading post needs a savior soon, the "Best Little Stop on I-40" is receding into the timeline. The Arrow Statues plunging into the Colorado Plateau are all that remain of advertising for the Twin Arrows Trading Post in Arizona.

Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort, a new $175 million casino and hotel complex is going up on the Navajo Nation near I-40 at Twin Arrows about 20 miles east of Flagstaff. Scheduled to open in May of 2013 it will have nearly 1,100 slot machines, blackjack and poker tables, 200 hotel room, a gift shop selling mostly low-price items, a food court, a sports bar, and ultimately a spa area. An artist drawing is shown below.

Meteor Crater
Meteor Crater, The First Proven, Best-Preserved Meteorite Crater On Earth ~ Experience The Impact! Located in Northern Arizona, a visit to the Meteor Crater Visitor Center provides you with an enjoyable educational experience in well maintained, modern facilities, which are kept spotlessly clean. The former Museum of Astrogeology has been remodeled and includes new displays on the never-ending process of impacts and collisions in our solar system. Website
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