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Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.
They start from the airport just before you get to Tusayan.

Tusayan (pronounced “Too-SAY-on”) is a true tourist town just outside the south entrance gate to the park that cater to the millions of tourists who pass through the area annually. It has a year-round population of about 600 people.

There are lots of hotels, motels, fast food restaurants, gift shops and gas stations. Mule rides, helicopter tours, jeep tours, horseback riding, and hiking are just some of the things available to visitors. Located at 6,000 ft elevation there are forests of juniper trees that extend from both side of the road as you enter and leave the town.

Tusayan is served by Grand Canyon National Park Airport. There are several air sight seeing helicopter companies and fixed wing operators waiting to show you the sights. Grand Canyon National Park Airport is a public airport located in the Tusayan area near Grand Canyon National Park, seven miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The airport is primarily used for scenic tours and charter flights, but there is scheduled commercial service.


The Grand Canyon Visitor Center is an official Arizona Office of Tourism Visitor Center.

It offers a spectacular array of media and literature describing all of the Grand Canyon’s sights as well as providing an overview of the Arizona High Country.

Do make sure you go in to talk with the experienced local representatives. They have extensive knowledge of the area and are glad to offer advice, insights and materials for travel in and around this awe-inspiring wonder of the world.

The Visitor Center is also home to the Grand Canyon IMAX® movie, which is the most-watched IMAX® film ever. The IMAX® Movie, "Grand Canyon: Discovery & Adventure" is 34 minutes of excitement where viewers will discover a Grand Canyon that would take a lifetime to experience. National Geographic Visitor Center IMAX®

The film opens with the beginning of man's fragile kinship with this twisting 277 mile Canyon, then moves the audience through time with brief glimpses at the stone pages of human history. From the mysterious Anasazi who inhabited the Canyon 4,000 years ago, viewers will travel through Grand Canyon history to join Major John Wesley Powell as he challenges the unexplored Canyon and raging Colorado River in 1869.

Grand Canyon National Park
A powerful and inspiring landscape, the Grand Canyon overwhelms our senses through its immense size; 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep.

The beauty of the Grand Canyon, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, is like nothing else you will ever experience. Each season of the year provides a unique vista.

From the flowers of spring and the scent of the pine forest after a summer rain to the colors of autumn and the spectacle of snow during the winter months, your vacation to the Grand Canyon is a treat for the senses.

Native American history and culture are also part of the real Grand Canyon experience.

People from around the world marvel at the color, sound, art and performances of those whose ancestors made the Grand Canyon their home.Welcome to the experience, adventure and breathtaking beauty. Welcome to the Grand Canyon!

Over 50% of the Grand Canyon is in Mohave County, Arizona
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