On the drive between Phoenix and Tucson you'll cross desert plains with views of the Superstitions, Picacho Peak, Santa Catalina Mountains, and other rugged ranges. This is the true desert southwest in lifestyle, climate, and interesting places to visit. During your roadtrip, notice the desert plants along the roadside that sometimes bloom in blazes of bright color in spring.
Phoenix is an agricultural, industrial and service center. It is surrounded by 22 other cities in the Valley of the Sun where western style homes and sprawling shopping malls abound. There is exhilarating adventure, breath-taking golf courses, trendy shopping, modern nightlife and enriching culture.
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Chandler is a city of over 250,000 population in Maricopa County, Arizona covering about 70 square miles. It is a prominent suburb of the Phoenix Metropolitan East Valley. A modern mix of youthfulness and tradition makes the City of Chandler, Arizona, a spectacular destination for residents and visitors alike. Chandler’s diverse culture, vibrant history, and top-notch services weave together to create a highly dynamic, progressive city.
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Casa Grande
Once a small, sleepy agricultural town, Casa Grande has been discovered by winter visitors. Originally, no town was planned here. It was just a spot where the railway stopped laying tracks during the summer of 1879. Shipping agents then dropped off agricultural and mining supplies beside the track.

When the tracks continued on to Yuma, people stayed and the town grew to a population of 500 by 1882.Casa Grande's population has passed 26,000 and continues to grow.

Casa Grande's location, mild climate, and scenic attractions make it attractive to tourists and winter visitors. Now, the town depends just as much on the winter visitors who patronize the resort, motels, and RV parks. There are a total of 17 RV parks in Casa Grande. Winter Celebration Events are held January through March for all seniors in the Casa Grande area.

City of Casa Grande, Arizona Official Website
Casa Grande Valley Historical Museum
Casa Grande Art Museum
Casa Grande National Monunent
The City of Eloy will be celebrated its 60th anniversary of incorporation in 2009. The city offers a varied range of community facilities for its citizens. The city limits currently encompasses over 99 square miles with a planning area of almost 560 square miles.

The community was named by the Southern Pacific Railroad, which built a switch here in the early 1900's. The name Eloy is derived from the European name meaning the "Chosen" or the "Chosen One".

City of Eloy - Official Home Page
Picacho Peak StatePark
Picacho Peak has long served as a landmark for tribal groups, Spanish explorers, American frontiersmen, and modern-day motorists. Park visitors enjoy hiking, camping, and picnicking in this scenic area. Saguaro and other plants of the Sonoran Desert thrive on the rocky hillsides. Mexican gold poppies can blanket the hillsides in spring after a wet winter.
Official Park Website
With their unique location between Tucson and Phoenix, Marana is an attractive community dedicated to maintaining a friendly environment where people can work, shop, live and play. Marana Regional Airport was purchased by the town from Pima County in 1999 and is undergoing expansion. It does not serve commercial airlines.
Marana, AZ - Official Website
Saguaro National Park
At the Saguaro National Park you will experience the beauty of the towering saguaro cactus. The park covers approximately 91,000 acres and is filled with saguaro which are multi-pronged plants which can live more than 150 years! Some even grow to over 50 feet in height. There is also teddy-bear cholla, hedgehog and a wide range of the cactus for you to learn about and enjoy.

Surrounded by mountains and the high Sonoran desert, Tucson boasts a distinctive southwestern look and enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine each year. Tucson (TOO-sahn) is a growing metropolis of 1,000,000 that keeps getting better and better. Tucson's climate varies from the 2400 foot desert basin to the 9100 foot forests of the Santa Catalina mountains. The City's dry desert air and winter sunshine make it a popular health and winter resort.

Also known as “the Old Pueblo,” Tucson is Arizona's second-largest city and the southern hub of the region. Tucson's historic northern section offers ample opportunities to see the city's Spanish, Mexican, and Anglo roots. Tucson served as capital of the Arizona Territory from 1867 to 1877. Tucson is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the country. Tucson glows with pink adobe and wrought iron.

Tucson is one of the nations hot spots. Bring your camera and plenty of film, Tucson tourists are treated to spectacular scenery!

Major Attractions in and around Tucson
Tucson Botanical Gardens - Tucson, Arizona
Sabino Canyon - Tucson, Arizona
Fox Theater - Tucson, Arizona
Gadsden Pacific Division Toy Train Operating Museum - Tucson, AZ
San Xavier del Bac Mission - Tucson, Arizona
Reid Park Zoo - Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Children’s Museum - Tucson, Arizona
International Wildlife Museum - Tucson, Arizona
Arizona State Museum - Tucson, Arizona
Kitt Peak National Observatory - Tucson, Arizona
Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block
Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum - Tucson Arizona
John Wayne Westerns Movie Set - Tucson, Arizona
Pima County Fairgrounds - Tucson, Arizona
Old Tucson Studios - Tucson, Arizona
Colossal Cave Mountain Park
Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium - Tucson, Arizona
Catalina State Park - Tucson, Arizona
Saguaro National Park - Tucson, Arizona
Pima Air & Space Museum- Tucson, Arizona
The Tucson Opera Company
Tucson Rodeo - Tucson, Arizona
Biosphere 2 - Oracle, Arizona
Titan Missile Museum - 25 miles south of Tucson at Sahuarit, AZ
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