US Highway 89 North of Flagstaff goes all the way to Page. You will be passing through beautiful southwest scenery. There are many areas to enjoy including Monument Valley where John Wayne and many other movie stars made movies.
Flagstaff is a community rich with cultural diversity, beauty, and history as well as amazing educational, recreational and scientific opportunities. At 7,000 feet elevation, Flagstaff is considered a high altitude semi-desert location. Flagstaff known as the city of pines has four different seasons making it a perfect location for tourist attraction. More about Flagstaff...
Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument

Sunset Crater Volcano was born in a series of eruptions sometime between 1040 and 1100. Powerful explosions profoundly affected the lives of local people and forever changed the landscape and ecology of the area.

At Sunset Crater Volcano you will see a cinder cone rising 1,000 feet above the surrounding landscape. Lava flows and cinders still look as fresh and rugged as the day they formed.

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Wupatki National Monument
Wupatki National Monument is 30 miles north of Flagstaff in Arizona, and features many Anasazi and Sinagua ruins at the edge of the Painted Desert. Rich in American Indian ruins, the Monument is administered by the National Park Service . There are many dwellings constructed from flat red stones held together with mortar, and the walls of many still stand. For a great series of photos about the area, click here.
Wupatki National Monument (U.S. National Park Service Website

The town of Cameron is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation at the intersection of Arizona Route 64 and US Highway 89. It is one hour from Grand Canyon’s South Rim, one hour from Flagstaff, Arizona, and 90 minutes from Lake Powell.

Cameron has a variety of tourist food and craft stalls, restaurants, gas stations and other services. There is a ranger station supplying information and hiking permits for the Navajo Nation.

Historic Cameron Trading Post - For nearly a century the Cameron Trading Post has been a Grand Canyon lodging haven for travelers, traders, vacationers and explorers who come from all points of the globe. We highly recommend that you stop there.

They have a huge selection of Native American Art, Antique & Historic Indian & Western Art, Native American Indian Jewelry, Southwestern Domestics, Native American Themed Dolls. Contemporary Native American Art, Native American & Southwest Decor, Native American & Southwest Sculpture, Southwestern Blankets & Floor Coverings, ... and more!

Navajo Indian Reservation
The sprawling 26,000 square-mile reservation embodies some of the most awesome and spectacular scenery in the world. More than 15 national monuments, tribal parks, and historic sites are found within its vastness.

Lake Powell is just one of the many lakes within the reservatin and boast some 186 miles of water front and 2,000 miles of shoreline - more than the entire West Coast!

The Navajo Nation Council has grown into the largest and most sophisticated American Indian government in the U.S. It was reorganized in 1991 to form a three branch government - executive, legislative an judicial. It embodies an elected tribal President, Vice-president and 88 council delegates representing 110 local units of government (known as chapters) throughout the Navajo Nation.

Firearms, alcohol and drugs are prohibited. Permits and licenses are required for fishing, hiking and hunting. They are available at the Cameron Visitor Center, 1-(928)-679-2303, at the junction of U.S. 89 and Arizona 64 south of Tuba City. Don't disturb animals, plants, rocks or artifacts; this is prohibited by tribal and federal laws, and fines are stiff.

Respect the privacy and customs of the Navajo people. This includes not wandering into residential areas. Always obtain permission before photographing people.

Junction of 160
U.S. Highway 160 branches off of U.S. Highway 89 and leads the traveler to Tuba City, The Hopi Reservation, The Hope Market, Moenkopi, The Navajo National Monument, Kayenta, Monument Valley, and the Four Corners.
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Page and Lake Powell are situated in the heart of an area known as the “Grand Circle,” a five-state region comprised of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Utah that is home to numerous natural wonders, world-class ecological adventures and entertainment destinations.

The City of Page is a vibrant community located atop a mesa in north central Arizona, overlooking dramatic vistas of Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam. Page is home to more than 9,500 people. Page welcomes more than three million visitors annually to the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Antelope Canyon - Located just outside of Page off State Highway 98 is Antelope Canyon, a rare and incredibly beautiful geological formation known as a slot canyon.
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